New - Financial Services edition of the Realdolmen SimplICiTy magazine

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The financial services sector currently finds itself in turbulent waters. Banks and insurance companies feel that the business models within which they operate today are gradually beginning to waver and that there is a need for acceleration. Because of the rapid rise of FinTech companies among others, they are coming under pressure to work with innovative technologies.

Realdolmen wants to face the digital challenge head on, alongside the banks and insurers. To get there, together, that’s what it’s all about for us. Not only in the way we organize our work internally, but also - and especially - in cooperation with our customers.  On top of that, we have all the skills to connect different technologies and solutions to each other in one 'connected' vision, tailored to the financial sector, under one roof.  That’s what we want to highlight in this Financial Services edition of Simplicity Magazine.

A few of the topics discussed


We asked several independent experts about key industry trends. We consulted Alain Grijseels, Head of IT at the financial regulator FSMA and Wauthier Robyns, Spokesman for Assuralia. Bart-Jan Engelen from ING Wholesale Bank told us how ING WB - partly with the help of Realdolmen - responds to the changes in the financial services industry.

Products & Applications 

Our experts illustrate the applications and services that we have developed or customized specifically for the financial sector, according to their specific needs. 

  • How do you, as a bank or insurer, become 'customer-centric'? 
  • Why is the bank as a platform considered to be the future of financial services?
  • What role do role FinTech companies play in the digital transformation? 
  • What about the rules regarding privacy and  security in the Cloud?
  • What to think about blockchain? 
  • What’s the role of IT outsourcing for banks in the 21st century? 
  • ...

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